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KS Series Hydraulic Baling Machine

Пакетировочный станок с гидроприводом модели KS
KS Series Hydraulic Baling Machine

Functions of equipment  Функции оборудования:

The series baling machine is mainly used for packing soft articles such as plastic woven bag, jumbo bag, container bag, waste paper, cotton piece goods, etc. It features reasonable and reliable structure, easy to operate and maintain, big pressure, packing film, saving time and labor, etc.

Main technical parameters :
Model KS-850             KS-900 KS-1100 KS-1200
Diameter of oil cylinder Ф125mm  Ф125mm  Ф140mm            Ф160mm
Max. working pressure 6~8Mpa  8~12Mpa  13~15Mpa          15~18Mpa
Stroke height
750mm 750mm 900mm           1000mm
Height of working
900mm 900mm 1100mm   1200mm  
Platform dimensions
1200×800mm 1200×800mm 1200×800mm 1200×800mm
3kw  4kw  3kw 4kw
Overall dimensions
2000×930×2300mm 2000×930×2300mm 2200×930×2700m 2200×930×3000m
Weight 900kg  1000kg  1500kg 2000kg